Specialist Actions & Advancement

I’m reading through the Band of Blades playbooks and I have some questions regarding Specialist Actions and Advancement.

When a soldier Advances and takes Specialist Training do they keep their ranks in Grit? Does the Grit ability still work now that they have a different Playbook?

To advance a Specialist Action, do you advance the Insight Track or Specialist Track or both? Can a Rookie advance the Specialist Action Track?

@Udachnik they get to keep their ranks in Grit. It works just fine. Look at the sheet, there’s a spot (gray header) beneath the regular skills just for that.

If you advance the Insight track you get your CURRENT specialist skill (so if you’re a soldier turned sniper, you’d get the current specialist skill of the sniper - aim). You can advance the track below if you want to get something else (say more grit).

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Thanks for responding Stras! I suppose this means that a Specialist could pick up additional Specialist Actions if they wanted to. My heavy/gunslinger concept keeps getting more appealing…

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Most snipers are like “Akimbo!?” but some of my favorite combos come from ideas like that ^_~ (let me tell you about the berserker heavy with no armor and panther-like-grace build…)

I hope you have a blast!