Star Wars equivalents of the three starting ships

I was thinking about running some Star Wars with Scum & Villainy. Is anyone with a better knowledge of Star Wars lore than me able to suggest some cool ships for smugglers, bounty hunters, and rebels, that are more-or-less equivalent to the ships in S&V?


Stardancer is the smuggler ship (literally, with powers that enhance and discuss that).
Cerberus is the bounty hunter ship (literally, with powers that enhance and discuss that).
Firedrake is the rebel ship (literally, with powers that enhance and discuss that).

No conversion needed? >_>


Hah! Well, that approach definitely works, for sure. I was just curious, really, if there were other good options for a reskin.

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Are you asking for actual Star Wars ships?

Stardancer -> Millenium Falcon, or the Ghost from Rebels (though it might need more guns at creation, this is more Serenity style).
Cerberus -> Slave One or any bounty hunter ship really (though it’s more Bebop style at the getgo).
Firedrake -> Star Wars rebels had something like this. I think it’s called the Phoenix? It’s a small frigate.


I assume timdenee means more of specific types of ships from existing Star Wars lore.
In that case, the obvious one that comes to my mind is skinning the Stardancer as a YT-1300 light freighter, which is the type of ship that the Millennium Falcon is. For a bounty hunter ship there’s the Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft (the kind of ship that Jango Fett and Boba Fett’s ship Slave I was), although IIRC that one might only have one seat. And you might could use a VCX-100 light freighter for the rebel ship – that’s the type of ship that the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels is. Although functionally, you could probably treat the YT-1300 and the VCX-100 as interchangeable, especially considering the Firedrake’s seeming inspiration is Serenity from Firefly, which was ALSO a smuggling freighter vessel.
You could also use some ships from Star Wars: The Old Republic, although it might be weird or inaccurate depending on the era you’re playing in. You could use the Defender, the D5-Mantis, and the XS Freighter as the rebel, bounty hunter, and smuggler ships respectively. Or for the smugglers or rebels you could use the Ebon Hawk from Knights of the Old Republic (which you could easily make work in the lore, since the Ebon Hawk canonically trades hands a bunch!).
If you want more detail on these ships or other options I’d advise jumping around Wookieepedia, it probably has all the information you need somewhere (but there’s so much I can bet it’d be hard to find without some jumping-off points like this). You can even find layout maps of a lot of these ships, since Star Wars is nothing if not ridiculously over-detailed.

(But also Star Wars lore is so freakin’ huge that you coooould also just say the Stardancer, Cerberus, and Firedrake exist in the setting and you wouldn’t be making a mistake. Any of these ships could hypothetically exist in Star Wars, it’s fine to add your own stuff – the series does it all the time anyway.)


Thanks for hopping in with some SW Lore there Zarek (also welcome to the blades forums!). :smiley:

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Thanks, both of you! That’s exactly what I was looking for - and it’s a good sign that you agree on a few key ships.

The Wookiepedia is super useful here.

My players looked up the different light freighters (there’s a page for that) and settled on the YT-2400. A YT-1300 (the Falcon) is very common in the lore, and it is modular so it can have different configurations. They kinda debated it but settled on the 2400 series because it looked distinctive.

I always thought the Firedrake would be a Corellian Corvette/Rebel Blockade Runner.


@mario1789 a chunk of the inspiration for the Firedrake was drawn from an old british sci-fi show called Blake’s 7. I don’t expect anyone to have seen it. But my design partner hadn’t seen it, so his touchstone was actually the Corvette from Rebels. So the fact that you think of it as that means you’re tuning into some of the stuff we were putting down :slight_smile:


I ran a SW game once in which the PCs were rogue Imperials. In S&V terms the PCs were a blend of smuggler and bounty hunter and used an absconded VT-49 Decimator as their ship.

If I were to run a similar campaign in S&V with a rebel crew I’d consider a Raider class corvette as a Firedrake equivalent. The Corvus from SW Battlefront 2 is an example.


I’ve adored the Decimator ever since walking around my brother’s in Star Wars Galaxies, @andurion. Great choice. I also love the Raider.

Before seeing that last reply I came here to see how feasible it is to, after slumming it in a starter ship, upgrade to a small corvette with more of a crew and options for interactions. I’m less into the “Plucky Crew of Randos” than an “Organized Crew of Randos” and the idea of playing a group or unit in a Raider, CR-90, or Gozanti is really enticing.


Huge Blake’s 7 fan over here. :slight_smile:


Y’all, there is a Corellian freighter designer over at

And it’s really something. You could make your own not-quite-YT-1300 ship, and there are enough greebles to work up a military patrol craft or a bounty hunting ship.

Also check out the extensive list from the X-Wing Miniatures game, focusing on the “large base” ships. Might be something there you can use:


Yeeeesss, Blake’s 7 is the shit, and you can definitely see it in the Firedrake.


@A.D.1066 @Calum_Grace Haha, I’m going to be honest I really didn’t expect anyone else to be fans (largely because aside from Cam Banks nobody’s even recognized the name) but it’s rad to see a few appear on the forums even!!! :slight_smile:

Hi, gang!

Doing a little homework as I plan on re-skinning SaV for a Star Wars game, myself. Fluent in FFG, but eager to strip the rules down even more, and loved running Blades as a player-driven story.

Call me crazy, but I was just planning on asking my players to pick a crew and style of ship, using the stats in the book, but letting them call it whatever ship they want. If they want a Lambda shuttle or a G9 freighter or whatever, it’s fine for looks as long as they work the stats around the fiction. It would probably make sense to have a capital ship for the Firedrake, but I would think a discussion around the table would come up with some great reasons why the G-TROC they got their hands on just so happens to have a grappling hook.

I say whatever ship makes the party really latch on. I’ve had games when the crew is unattached to the ship, and end up dumping it or otherwise not bonding to it. I’d much prefer it treated like a member of the crew, like the Falcon, the Enterprise, the Defiant, Moya, the Raza… I brief my Blades games with referring to the crew sheet as “the fifth Beatle.”

I’m also leaning that way with systems. I’ll probably ask the players where they want to play. If they want to run big game and exotic pet smuggling off of Felucia, so be it. (Oh my god, Tiger King meets Firefly sounds deliciously awful. “Bye, Felucia!”) And when they run off to hide and decide they probably know someone in Hutt space, we’ll work on that.

I am also not one of those cannon snobs. Back before Disney my players would ask if there are this thing or that thing in my version of Star Wars, and I took a very George approach: “That sounds cool. Yeah, sure; that all happened.”

I learned about three movies ago that there wasn’t a lot that happened in those movies that beat out what my players did at the table.

Rebels, though, now that’s a different story…