Started to convert a game I was working on to FitD when to post it?

I was working for awhile on a Fate Accelerated hack but wasn’t feeling it anymore though I loved my setting and idea. Then I stumbled on FitD and listened to the Friends at the Table actual play of Blades and fell in love with the system.

It has the elements that I was really missing/hoping to accomplish with my hack without me having to mod the system too much.

My question is, when do you feel like it’s at a good state to post it here in summary form? Once the core SRD is adapted? Once you consider it feature complete? Or just when you have the core concept ready?

I also wanted to introduce myself to this community and this seemed the best way to do it. Hope to have something awesome to share soon!

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First off, hello and welcome!

To answer your question, I would say that FitD projects get posted here in all manner of stages of completion. Some have incorporated the whole SRD, some are just a collection of rules modifications, some are just changes to the overall theme of the game, and others are a lose collection of ideas.

I think the important thing to consider about posting your idea is: what do you want?

Do you want feedback? If that’s the case you probably want to have a good handle on what you imagine the core game is, including any changes to the original rules, and any questions you might have about those changes that other folks may be able to answer. It’s easier to provide feedback when there’s some direction.

Do you want to share your cool idea? Great! If that’s the case then you can do what a few others designers here have done and start a thread about your project. You could start with an initial pitch, and then add updates when you reach milestones or when you’re looking for feedback.

I would also recommend jumping on to the Blades in the Dark discord. That’s a great place to share ideas and get feedback, especially on smaller ideas like changes to the rules or system.


That’s awesome! Would you happen to have a link to the Discord?

Here’s an invite!