Starting Dice for Engagement Rolls?

Need a quick check to make sure we’re doing this right: for both Primary and Secondary missions, when setting up the Engagement roll do you start off with 1 die (“for sheer luck” as in BitD), or do you start off with 0 dice?

For example, if you’re setting out on a Recon mission and your QM spends horses, is it:
0d base +1d for Legion Loyalty + 1d for Horses = 2d
1d base +1d for Legion Loyalty + 1d for Horses = 3d

Or let’s say your Scouts are all down, your QM spends horses, and you are escorting a bunch of refugees:
0d base -1d for No Appropriate Specialist +1d for Horses = 0d (roll 2, take lowest)
1d base -1d for No Appropriate Specialist +1d for Horses = 1d

There are a set of questions that apply to every mission that you answer before you move on to what type of mission it is. In most cases, these questions will provide you with at least 1 die.


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There’s no die for sheer luck. Start with 0 dice. So in both your examples, the first is correct.


Thanks, Oliver. That’s what I was afraid of!

The die for luck isn’t really gone, it’s just converted into the “is everyone loyal to the Legion” die. Could just as easily read “if anyone on the mission is not loyal to the Legion, -1d” and keep the luck die. That’s how I think of it anyway :slight_smile:

The way you do it is alright if your table likes it, but it’s not exactly the text and spirit of the rules.
Because the text is not “is everyone loyal to the Legion”, but “is everyone oathsworn to the Legion”
For example, if an Alchemist, a Mercy, or even the Chosen, took part in the mission, you can’t say that they are “not loyal” to the Legion. But they are just not “oathsworn” to it, so you wouldn’t get the die anyway.


Oh yes, I was paraphrasing - what you’re describing is how my table has played it.