Strategies, Tactics and Armament of the Legion

First of all, I think the Legion are just the bee’s knees. They’re badass, have a neat backstory and are just plain cool, but one of my biggest issues is how to visualize them in my minds eye. What do they look like, do they wear a standard uniform under their armor, is the armor camouflage? What exactly is a Legion standard “Musket”? Or “Long Rifle”? Do Legionnaires have packs for their personal equipment while in the
field or do they leave what they “Don’t Need” in the baggage train? Do they have a baggage train?

Another is their strategies and tactics, how does the Legion use its squads and other assets in battle? How do they plan an extended contract or falling in with a Chosen? Do they prepare detailed maps themselves from Annalic records or use others?

What are your Legions strategies, tactics, gear and quirks?

I’ve not been able to put together a group to play BoB yet, alas, but I always visualise the Legion as looking like New Model Army soldiers - lobster helms and morions, mortuary swords, buff-coats for Armour and cuirasses and tassets for Heavy Armour.