Streets of Passion

Here’s a link to a working hack I made called Streets of Passion.

The Pitch: Streets of Passion is set in a retro futuristic 80’s city called Sun City,. The touchstones are low (and sometimes high) budget action films of the 80’s. Think Robocop but you play as the Clarence Brodicker’s gang. Now add ninjas and designer drugs and a dash of saturday morning cartoons.

I’ve run it at a couple of cons and we had a lot of fun. I was going to flesh it out into a standalone book, but I’m not sure that’s something people are actually interested in, and it turns out writing a game book is a lot of work? But I want as many people to enjoy it as possible, so here’s a link to the hack as well as playbooks.

Setting, Quickstarts, and rules hacks:

Playbooks and Crewbooks:

Quickbuilds for con play:


Awwwwwww yeah! (skateboard-shredding-ninja-explosion sounds)

Welcome aboard, Levon.


This is awesome! But needs more JCVD. Would this be a Wreck roll?

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The Playbooks look really professional. Did you do them on InDesign? Is there a template floating around?

Thanks Michael! The playbooks are in indesign. I think I started with a template but i rebuilt it from the ground-up. JCVD would totally fit in SoP world!!!

I used Chance Budreaux(sp?) (JCVD character in Hard Target) in the last Streets of Passion I played with Fork Frenzy. That was awesome!

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That’s awesome, there needs to be a Mullet ability.

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A Mullet to the Head: When the awesomeness of your hairstyle overawes the enemy, take +1d to your next roll.


Extremely cool concept! A few things I like:

  • The cover art is dope. Did you illustrate it?
  • The concept is so grounded in the genre. I love that you even say stuff like “Before you start playing this, go to your local Blockbuster video and rent”.
  • The sheet of quickbuilds. Great idea.
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“dear god… it’s beautiful”

Is this going to be a push goal on the Kickstarter, lol


4 or 5 more of these and weve got outselves another playbook!

Thanks Raji! Yeah i did the cover art :slight_smile:

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