Suffering Harm when out of Divine Favor

When a Contest is Mythic and requires spending Divine Favor, a player without DF left can’t enter the contest and would be forced to Support. What happens when a Contest is Sacred and a Player Suffers but does not have Divine Favor to spend?

When you are required to spend Devine Favor, but have none, you mark a box on the Fate track. So, if a player wants to enter a Mythic contest but has no Devine Favor they would mark a Fate box and can still enter the contest. If you suffer in a Sacred Contest, same thing, mark a box on the Fate track.

Fate - Page 49.
In play, the span of a hero’s tale is measured with the Fate track on the hero sheet. You mark off a box of Fate:
 When you enter agony by marking your last Pathos box.
 When you suffer Pathos while already in agony.
 When you’re required to spend Divine Favor, but have none.

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Thank you. In my search I completely missed that.

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