Suggestions or tips for running an office game?

Bit of an odd and one off question here, but I wondered if anyone had any stories (successful or otherwise) they could share about running a Blades and the Dark game for co-workers.

There are a few people that I work with that currently play D&D together, so there’s already an established tradition of gaming around the office. There’s been some interest from the current DM who indicated they wanted to play in a BitD game, but always got stuck running D&D.

I don’t think that I have it in me to do a long running campaign with the other game I’m running for a group of friends, but I thought I could probably get a few people excited enough to go through the process of putting together a crew of scoundrel’s and maybe doing a one off score over a couple of lunch breaks.

Does anyone here have any experience with anything like that? Any tips, tricks, or pitfalls to look out for?

The main downsides are that (a) my co-workers now give me furtive glances as they conspire in the cafeteria, and (b) I found out they take glee in being ruthless, murderous scoundrels. Just kidding on (a)—they’re more like Bond or comic-book villains who gleefully share their plans to dominate the world.

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I have run a campaign with co-workers. The first couple sessions were especially tricky because 1) we had several people who had never played TTRPGs before, and 2) I had no idea what people’s boundaries would be. So, I made sure to clearly explain in plain language the idea behind safety features - I think I used the X card. Eventually, the group evolved into a group of regulars and we all understood each other’s boundaries. But I was very cautious at first.

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That’s a really good call on using the ‘X’ card. My normal group of players are fantastic roleplayers, but they by and large don’t have much in the way of boundaries. This was one area of concern I had, and the ‘X’ card sounds like a good solution.

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I think so. BiTD can get pretty adult pretty quick. And given that this campaign eventually veered into manufacturing Ghost Crack, a drug that had effects like attending a ghost orgy… I’m glad we tested the waters slowly.


This sounds like buying an express ticket to a meeting with HR.
There are so many ways it could go wrong, if not between players, then someone observing.

This joke got me fired:
I’m not short, I’m just closer than you think.