Supers, Forged in the Dark!

Hi all-
I’ve been pretty active on the BitD Discord and just realized that I didn’t post my new game(s) here.

Anti-Heroes is a light version of Forged in the Dark where you can play vigilantes, villains, or a government’s secret weapon. Actions have been replaced with Approaches and Skills (like in Fate) and Stress has been completely reworked. Teams are simplified by using an Asset Tag system that have a direct impact on free play or a mission. Powers are very customizable, but balanced by using a simplified ‘magnitude’ table. You can find it here:

An actual play of Anti-Heroes can be found here:

B-Super is an even lighter version of Forged in the Dark. It is a fully playable, 2-page Super Hero game inspired by The Tick. The two pages includes inspirational superhero (villain) names (like Wombatman), a mission generator, and character sheet. You can find it here: