Surge protectors

Hi all,

I’ve created a PARAGON playset called SURGE PROTECTORS. It is an homage to Saturday morning cartoons about transforming robots and now, as of patch 1.2 it’s also about rock bands with holographic technology.

It’s a barebones playset that replaces divine favor with components like photonic carbines and nexus drones.

There are two bits of new tech though (albeit pretty small changes). The sacrifice phase is replaced by Uplink where you send any captured WIRE EMPIRE codes back to the Seer, your leader in the MetalWarp dimension. Because the gods don’t really resist sacrifices, they don’t include the Strife Level in AGON, but in SURGE PROTECTORS the WIRE EMPIRE is trying to intercept those codes, and they gain an intercept die if you suffer during the contest.

Also, I made a slightly different format for Islands with a basic premise and a list of possible trials. It is the kind of short form I would use when making notes before a game and might be useful when making islands/incursions of your own.

Here it is:

It is 1984 and the Earth is under attack from a silent invader.

EMPERIONS, mechanoids from the MetalWarp dimension, use their Gravimetric Beacons to launch INCURSIONS into our reality. Emulating our technology they hide among us, slowly siphoning Earth’s natural resources to fuel their conquest of MetalWarp and fulfill an ancient prophecy of destruction, THE SURGE.

Humanity as we know it would perish if not for their own champions—rogue Metalwarp defenders who have pledged to protect the earth from INCURSIONS by their own kin—the SURGE PROTECTORS!

SURGE PROTECTORS is a shapeshifting robot defenders playset for the PARAGON system from the AGON roleplaying game. A copy of AGON is required to play. For more on the PARAGON system, including how to publish your own playsets, visit


Really fun playset! How should a player usually invoke their “Vehicle Form”? An interesting thing about epithets and their playset analogs is that they are more powerful when they are more general. Do players need to narratively justify using their vehicle form dice in order to do so?

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I think, even more so than AGON, the players should be able to call on their Vehicle Die just by describing an aspect of the vehicle (spinning wheels, using the lift of a forklift, honking a horn, swinging open a door) or disguise themselves as a vehicle, or describing some cool action they do as they transform back and forth.

This is the sort of thing that I’m thinking of:



Amazing :slight_smile:

I will try it next week with my friends!

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That’s a hell of a patch.


I’ve got another incursions in mind (also about the Photons) and thoughts about other leaders in MetalWarp (like the Seer) that the SURGE PROTECTORS can pledge themselves to and gain bonds from (like Demigods in AGON).


Hi Sean - I have a question about the Paragon System logo in the character sheet. I saw the two playsets from Jhon (Chamber and Storm Furies) and they haven’t the logo in the character sheet.
On your playset, there is the logo.

What’s the right policy? Should I add the logo on my character sheet playset or only in the rules book?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Matteo,

Thanks for checking. It’s optional.

As per guideline #3: “You may include the PARAGON system logo mark on your document.”

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Oh thanx - I remembered wrong (you must). I will add for sure in the rules book, but in the character sheet I’m not sure I will have the right space.

Thank you again.

This playset is great. My best friend collects Transformers and will LOVE this. I might even get him to play AGON.

Thank you.

Thanks for the kind words Dennis. I hope you get a chance to play!

Patch 1.2 is out, now including INCURSIONS: UNLOCKED.

Patch Notes:

Minor updates to Surge Protectors 1.2

  • Several spelling and typographic errors fixed.
  • NPC name in the Corporate Takeover incursion changed to Plutonius Steel.
  • Example non-vehicular forms added: Steel Horse and Titanium Jaguar.
  • Articulated Frame COMPONENT feature specifically used for assuming new forms.
  • Touchstones in the Credits section updated.

Incursions: Unlocked (New Content)

This 4 page add on (included with the download) has three new incursions that unlock new options for the SURGE PROTECTORS:

  • In Synthesized, the SP have another chance to work with the Photons. This time fending off their MetalWarp replicas and getting them back on the stage! Once completed, the players may create Photon characters of their own!
  • In Radioactive, an abandoned Gravitonic Beacon starts transmitting. If the SURGE PROTECTORS can make it there before the EMPERIONS they can launch an incursion of their own…right into THE WIRE EMPIRE. Big action scenes on a moon sized transforming robot? Check!
  • In Legacy Code, the Protectors learn of an ancient core, thought lost in the Scrapyard. If they can travel back to MetalWarp they can restore The Warrior, another of the legendary first mechanoids, but can they accept The Warrior’s violent operating system?

Find all the deets and downlead version 1.2 here: