Tales from Old Oak Inn

Well, my group really wanted to play a D&D/Pathfinder style game but wanted to play it with a Forged in the Dark ruleset. So I caved and built a game. It’s still super early in development, but I have all 11 playbooks built. It takes inspiration heavily from D&D 3.5/5.0 and Pathfinder 1.0, as well as a fair bit from Dungeon World. Next up will be crewbooks and play aids. Feel free to download the sheets for free and offer up feedback as well.



Have been looking through these to port over our Dungeon World campaign.

A lot I really like, the one which we will tweak is the Paladin oath. To my understanding from DW, the quest is something you choose differently each time you start one (as opposed to the oath) - which has been a fun kind of “loadout” that our Paladin has really enjoyed.

One other is to include an additional Poison slot for the Rogue- and port over some of those poison uses. Our Thief has really enjoyed using poisons, and would miss that.

I’ll update once we actually get a chance to port over and try it out!

These look great! :star_struck: