Talgon Forest missions

Hi guys, just wanted to share some missions from my campaign. These are for Talgon Forest.

Operation Orange Nail, Recon Mission
Since the Legion marched The Long Road a lot has happened in the war, but few rumours reached the mountain roads. As the retreat to Skydagger Keep enters a capricious phase with less room to manoeuvre the way forward is unsure. As the Commander has been pondering how to avoid tactical missteps when leaving the Talgon Forest, Rowan suggested sending scouts to Old Pine Peak. It is a lookout point near the edge of the forest on the way to Fort Calisco.

Rewards: +2 Intel
Penalties: +1 Time

Operation Dusty Antler, Recon Mission
Frictions between Aldermani living on the fringes of the forest and Panyar families in Talgon were already high before the war. When the Cult of Mattiar burned all the churches and proclaimed their new allegiance an act of the vilest treachery happened. Cultist invited Panyar families to their church offering them safety from the undead forces roaming the forest. When the cultist showed their true colours many Panyar died but most fled and approached the Legion. If the Legion can mount a rescue mission, some young Panyar warriors have pledged to join the Legion and the rest will flee back to Panya.

Reward: 5 rookies or 2 Soldiers (Marshals preference), +1 intel
Penalties: 1 Death, as a Legionnaire decides to be a hero and save them by himself

Operation Brown Bucket, Religious Special Mission
One of the ritual observations for the Horned One is the last hunt of the season. One of your scouts spotted a white stag, a full three paces tall, near this place. Its sighting is an opportunity: catch the stag, prepare a ritual meal of it, and the holy site you’re camped at will bless your troops.

Rewards: 1 Food (3 uses). Blessing: +2 Morale, and each Specialist may clear all stress or remove all harm. Favor: Holy, Mystic
Penalties: -2 Morale if your Legion has any Panyar Scouts.