The 13th Fleet

The 13th Fleet is a sci-fi Forged in the Dark game of dark humor and treachery, out Feb 1/2021 for two weeks on Kickstarter.
It’s a comedic tale of questionable starship Captains and their dwindling supply of Redshirts trying to stay alive behind enemy lines, despite a pursuing armada and their own backstabbing.
Alterations to the rules include:
-character sheets for both Captain and Starship type
(a 2 min preview of Character Creation).
-a clearly defined “winner” promoted to Fleet Admiral at the end of the Band of Blades style, re-playable campaign.
-a comedic and more structured rule setting to facilitate occasional adversarial play.
-the only way for Captains to reduce Stress is to cause each other Entanglements.
-a Voting system as these awful Captains decide far too much by committee.

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Very cool video.

Less than 48 hours left on the Kickstarter!
Check out the new video clip outlining the rules with some actual play!