The Animus, a feral playbook + Spark-Grafted, arcanepunk body mods hack

Playing Blades and joining the Discord’s #hack-talk has really helped me stay sane through the past months of pandemic isolation and a health crisis. Here are my first two homebrew designs:

The Animus:

Tear down Duskwall’s facade and reveal it for the rotting corpse it is. Make the people of this city see that luxury and artifice are lies told to deny the greater truth: we are all just flesh for another mouth to eat.

Play the Animus to enact nature’s revenge against those who doomed the world. Wreak havoc by summoning vermin, raising shambling corpses, and unleashing rampaging spectral beasts!

Touchstones: Magic’s Gruul, Golgari, and Jund. Mushroom sorcerer En in Dorohedoro. Stories of shapeshifting outcasts like The Ghost Eater.



Become a fusion of living flesh and arcane clockwork machinery.

Augment your scoundrel like you would in cyberpunk games, but use arcane clockwork creations instead of futuristic cybernetics.

What you can do with Spark-Grafted:

  • Play as mechanized human-hull hybrids
  • Invent and craft body-modifying tech
  • Integrate weapons, tools, and gadgets into your body
  • Gain 12+ playbook-inspired body augmentations

You should also check out Welded, another take on cyborg playbooks in Blades:


Aw, you do this just as my group is finishing up Blades and moving to other stuff :smile:

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@Tubal, thanks for the encouragement!

I managed to finish two more playbooks for the Unusual Suspects playbook design jam.

The Snooker, an ever-shifting counterfeiter and identity thief:

The Snake, a social predator that commands a cult of personality:


Glorious! I will have to use these! My own submission to the Jam was published this morning and may line up with your SparkGraft nicely!

The Surge is a supernatural hacker. A cyberpunk inspired ghost spoofer, if you will! A really cool playbook for folks who want to add a new avenue for stealth scores.