The Bloodletters (podcast)

(Daniele Di Rubbo) #1

With John Harper’s permission, I curated and created a podcast version of all the old YouTube episodes about the Bloodletters crew. You can find it to the link below or on your favourite podcasting platform.

(Matthew Canner) #2

Amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for - an actual play featuring John Harper that I can listen to offline while on my commute.

Any idea if this has been done for the RollPlay Blades game at all yet?

(Judd Karlman) #3

May I ask what you used to do this?

Thanks. This is really helpful.


RollPlay patrons have access to all their shows in MP3 format to download, but not quite on a “podcast platform” or anything.


This is great.
I routinely turn playlists of actual plays into mp3s with “youtube-dl -i --no-mtime --extract-audio --audio-format mp3”.

(Daniele Di Rubbo) #6

You’re very welcome!

I don’t know what RollPlay is, but it seems @Tubal up here answered the question. :grin:

(Daniele Di Rubbo) #7

Sure. I converted the original videos into .mp3s through Online Video Converter, then I put together the sessions divided into different videos with Free Merge MP3. I also converted them in 64 kbps mono track at 44100 Hz.

(Daniele Di Rubbo) #8

Hi, @zimb, welcome to our community!

I didn’t know about that command and I surely cannot use it. My computer skills are not that hight. :sweat_smile:


Thanks for sharing your workflow in addition to setting up the feed. Awesome. Still wished that the Bloodletters, the roleplay crew or Scum and Villainy: Stardancer would have come to a conclusion.
I am trying my best to facilitate a season finale for my f2f game of assassins. I’ll see how that works out :wink:

if someone is interested: I have youtube-dl running on android in termux and have it set up so I only share the youtube url with termux and the download and conversion is done autonomously. It couldn’t be more convenient (for me. But I love the command line, so I’m clearly weird biased.)