The Bloodletters (podcast)

With John Harper’s permission, I curated and created a podcast version of all the old YouTube episodes about the Bloodletters crew. You can find it to the link below or on your favourite podcasting platform.


Amazing! This is exactly what I was looking for - an actual play featuring John Harper that I can listen to offline while on my commute.

Any idea if this has been done for the RollPlay Blades game at all yet?

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May I ask what you used to do this?

Thanks. This is really helpful.

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RollPlay patrons have access to all their shows in MP3 format to download, but not quite on a “podcast platform” or anything.

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This is great.
I routinely turn playlists of actual plays into mp3s with “youtube-dl -i --no-mtime --extract-audio --audio-format mp3”.

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You’re very welcome!

I don’t know what RollPlay is, but it seems @Tubal up here answered the question. :grin:

Sure. I converted the original videos into .mp3s through Online Video Converter, then I put together the sessions divided into different videos with Free Merge MP3. I also converted them in 64 kbps mono track at 44100 Hz.

Hi, @zimb, welcome to our community!

I didn’t know about that command and I surely cannot use it. My computer skills are not that hight. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for sharing your workflow in addition to setting up the feed. Awesome. Still wished that the Bloodletters, the roleplay crew or Scum and Villainy: Stardancer would have come to a conclusion.
I am trying my best to facilitate a season finale for my f2f game of assassins. I’ll see how that works out :wink:

if someone is interested: I have youtube-dl running on android in termux and have it set up so I only share the youtube url with termux and the download and conversion is done autonomously. It couldn’t be more convenient (for me. But I love the command line, so I’m clearly weird biased.)


Thanks, this is super handy.

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