The book is here, now for some question (like War with a Faction)

As the title said, finally Scum & Villainy is on my bookshelves, near Blades in the Dark, and is truly a great work!
Now, I have a doubt or two (let me read it again and play it, and probably there will be more to come!):

  • The Scoundrel’s ability “Never tell me the odds” says “You generate gambits on desperate rolls”; does it mean that he generates gambits only on desperate rolls, or also on desperate rolls, not only non risky? I know that I could decide the answer by myself, but I prefer to ask to those that have played/tested the game already.

  • The Firedrake’s ability “Old Hands” says “When you are at war with a Hegemony Faction [you] still get two downtime actions instead of ony one” (I know, the ability has another effect too). This, I can’t wrap my mind around it, because neither the War nor in Downtime Activities it says anything at all about reducing the Downtime Actions’ number during a war. Is it an error in the ability from a previos iteration of the game? Or is it an omission in the above sessions?

That said, great game (again!), and I can’t wait for your Band of Blades to be ready, Stras!

  • ALSO desperate rolls. Everyone can already generate them on Risky rolls and the ability doesn’t change that for the Scoundrel.

  • First paragraph under Downtime Activities on pg 184:

During downtime phase, each PC has time for two downtime activities. When you’re at War with a faction, each PC has time for only one.

Allow me to comment in Italian:

“Oh, so’ scemo.”

which translate exactly in “Well, I’m dumb.” :blush:

I totally missed that phrase, all the three or four times that I read that paragraph.
Thank you a lot for the answers :smiley:

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