The Borrowers One-Shot Hack for New Year's Eve

Hey all! Mostly silly post here.

My family agreed to do a roleplaying session on New Year’s Eve (later today at the time of writing). I was trying to think of a good rules-light one-shot.

My sisters like cute things and Animal Crossing and creature comforts, so I decided to build a Forged in the Dark one-shot in the world of something like the Borrowers. The hack is extremely inelegant because I’ve had to put it together in about 48 hours, but here are some thoughts and I’d love your input on stuff you feel like would add to such a game. (Just for fun.)

’Beyond the Cupboard’ is a tabletop game about an intrepid and ingenious family of tiny people called Scroungers attempting to live a comfortable life while hidden within the enormous residence of the Bigguns. The Bigguns are giants, a hundred times the height of a Scrounger, and if the Bigguns discover their existence they will certainly hunt the Scroungers down and kill them. The Scroungers survive by ‘borrowing’ the Bigguns’ belongings (from sugar cubes and chunks of cheese to sewing needles and inches of fabric) and repurposing them for their uses.

As you play, you will journey into the dangerous, awe-inspiring wilds of the House — from the high bottle-covered shelves and treacherous falls of the Cooking Place to the glorious trove called Pantry where the Great Beast sleeps – and seek out treasures to make yourself the most comfortable and glorious home.

Cartwheel — an acrobatic climber and speedy reacher of difficult-to-find places
Jig — a clever understander of mechanisms, creator and breaker
Hoist — a beefy lifter, puller, and pack mule
Chuckle — a charismatic talker and talented performer
Slingshot — a keen-eyed archer or lookout

Toss It — hit something from afar
Inspect It — survey or gain perspective on a situation
Spot It — track or seek for a specific object
Fiddle With It — tinker with or use a mechanism or device
Call It — lure or intimidate using your loudest voice
Lift It — use physical strength to interact with a heavy object — pushing, lifting, pulling are all allowed.
Up It — find your way up something
Charm It —
Wrassle It — engage something in combat, keep it where it is
Sneak It — you know sneak around and stuff

Flaws (Replace Vices):
Scaredy - anxious or easily frightened
Forgetty - absent-minded or forgetful
Braggy - overconfident or braggart
Itchy - compulsive or reckless
Talky - loud or motormouth
Takey - selfish or hoarding
Hungy - hungry

My first session is probably going to be built around their little home water-container being broken and them having to make a rather large operation to bring a new one to their home.

Anyway, just thought I’d share this goofy thing. Happy New Year to all!