The end of the campaign

We finished our campaign and had a nice last session round-up which I wanted to share in case it’s useful.

I don’t know how others’ campaigns have ended - perhaps your players’ characters got too powerful or influential to continue past tier 3, or you were generous with the coin and they filled their stash. Anyway, for us it was time for those characters to walk away, and felt time for us to call it a day too. We could have picked up with new characters in the crew, but the story felt done.

So what was the last session? Epilogues and highlights.


We took a leaf from Fiasco’s book and went round everyone to find out what their characters did next, in a year or ten years time. We went round a few times to let people build off each other’s stories, and to have time to bring in what happened to important NPCs. It felt right that the players would tell the stories of their close contacts. The team collectively decided what happened to the crew, though this took a little more prompting as to how this might look.


I planned to finish with everyone giving favourite moments from the campaign, ensuring that everyone got some recognition. As it happened, this was segued into naturally as one character became a patron of the arts who commissioned stories from the crew’s exploits for the stage. It was a lovely moment of closure in itself, and I might be tempted to introduce this as a conceit if it did not happen naturally :slight_smile:

This felt like a good end, allowing everyone to finish their stories. I have loved running a Blades in the Dark campaign. Going back over the many many amazing moments really brought home how much fun it’s been.

I can’t wait to start the next one, be it Blades or a FitD variant. But not tonight. Tonight I’m still too full of emotion from saying goodbye to these characters we’d been through so much with. Bye Aarre, Roethe, Seryy and Felix/Liz. I’ll miss you.