The Expanse (spoilers)

I just binged through seasons 2 and 3 and caught up on The Expanse.

It’s still rough in spots, but overall I really enjoyed it.

  • Chrisjen is the best
  • Bobby Draper is amazing
  • More Naomi and Drummer please
  • Amos is starting to show a character arc! I like it.

Also, I flipped through the preview PDF for the upcoming Expanse RPG by Green Ronin, and I gotta say, it didn’t wow me. Maybe the full game will have more Expanse-specific stuff that will make it pop, but at first glance it feels pretty generic. Has anyone tried it out?


Yeah I’m halfway through watching the third season. It’s great to get back to it. I read all the books last year and I like how the show pressures the characters in different way. I definitely hoot aloud for all the characters you mention.

I’ve skimmed a friend’s copy of the Expanse but didn’t dig in. The system looked odd, but if it doesnt have much by depth in the setting material, welp!

I did crack the board game last weekend. It’s set in the first season, as Protogen gets the protomolecule as a power up to basically a nuke a base. It takes the core card mechanic from Twilight Struggle and makes it into faster playing four-player war game. It’s pretty rad.

To be fair, the game PDF I read was a quickstart thing, so it doesn’t have the setting guide, which I hope will be good. I was just underwhelmed by the game system stuff.

We got through season two a bit ago and were really enjoying it. Been super busy since the new one made it to streaming, though, so I guess we need to make time to check it out again.

I’m toying around with a Forged in the Dark Expanse hack right now, since I love the IP.

I backed the Expanse RPG Kickstarter and found the system pretty underwhelming, although I really backed it for the fiction rather than the setting, to be honest. The fiction is… okay. I was hoping for more in depth fiction, but it doesn’t seem to go terribly in depth. Handy summary of the system and various settlements, though.

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All my favorite scenes were the Drummer scenes. Particularly the episode where she and Ashford were in a pinch.

I’m digging the Amos arc, and really enjoyed how the team was pulled apart and brought back together in season three.

I also feel strongly that a hard-scifi blades hack would emulate The Expanse really well. When I watch the show I often think about how the mix of action and politics is akin to the best campaigns of Blades I’ve run.

Yeah, I’ve thought that too, Justin.

The Expanse would be a Blades hack where you really have to earn that crew sheet. :slight_smile:


The nuclear and zero-g physics has the stamp of approval from the high energy physicists in my family. LOVE the series!