The Immortal Emperor

(Judd Karlman) #1

Writing up the Immortal Emperor’s Court as a powerful faction for a visit to Doskvol.

My favorite parts of the factions are the ways the clocks put them right into motion and how the NPC’s are defined so thoroughly in so few words. It was fun to play with these toys.

(John Harper) #2

Oh, this is goooood.

Stev Scurlock is probably not gonna be too happy to see what’s become of the family holdings (and name) in Doskvol. :slight_smile:

(Sean Nittner) #3

Stealing for Broken Crown!

(Judd Karlman) #4

Which one is Broken Crown, Sean?

(also, steal away!)

(Judd Karlman) #5

Stev Scurlock?

I feel like you just dropped a huge setting secret here.

(John Harper) #6

Hey, you created him.

(Judd Karlman) #7

Some day I’ll remember something I wrote five minutes after I wrote it.


(Orion Anderson) #8

I would’ve expected the city council to be enemies, rather than allies.

(Orion Anderson) #9

Apart from that quibble, though, I love this write-up.

(Judd Karlman) #10

Thanks. I think there is definitely a rivalry there and very often they are at odds in a push/pull of power within the city but I’d think they’d want to support the current power structure.

That said, I’d love to hear how it works out differently at your table!