The Magpies Podcast

I’m not sure how I missed it, but I’m loving The Magpies. Still in the first season and, while the audio is a bit rough, the role play is solid and the mechanics are played out in a way that feels very natural.

It’s hearing the game played that inspired me to pick up work on my FitD game again.

If you haven’t already done so, go have a listen:


I am not into podcasts but I will check few episodes out of curiosity how other groups play the game. I am new into this wonderful setting and system and having another take on running BitD game is important. :slight_smile:

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That’s part of the reason I like actual plays, I don’t really care for other kinds of podcasts mostly.

The introduction to the game is brilliant. Very good writing. I will have to find out the music that was used!


Rhi, Kim, Minna and Josie do a great job with this podcast. I am currently few episodes behind (listening to podcasts was my “while driving” activity), but I could say that as of this moment this podcast is one of the very best podcasts and actual playes I had a chance to stumble upon.

They also have a Patreon, where Rhi shares some of her behind the scenes ideas and you can also find pictures from Kim’s notepad.

Also love and respect them for making this podcast a place where inclusiveness is promoted.

And here is the music:


Totally agree :100: I’m only at season 1 episode 10, but I’ve found it to be really fun and narratively interesting. I appreciate that Rhi edits it to cut down on a lot of the early awkwardness that most actual plays feel when just getting started. I also like that the podcast starts after everyone has played together with their characters the first time and kind of drops you in the middle of their story as it seems.

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If I recall correctly some of the background will be given in the recording of the post season Q&A, but yes, they have played a bit together before they started sharing. The intent to go out with the content was from the beginning, but as I understood Rhi wanted to do a test drive, and even though she did casting for the team it still was no warranty for the chemistry within.

On top of that I would say that each character has some background explaining the relationships picked from the playbooks, things that were kind of prepared out of the spotlight and come into play as a surprise to other players.

But I find both player characters and portrayed NPC rich and interesting. It gets even better in later seasons. You’re up to quite a few surprises and emotional scenes.


Just wanted to echo the above praise. Listening to the Magpies was absolutely essential for helping me get ready to run a Blades game of my own.


Does anyone know of a lore repository or fan wiki for the podcast? I can’t believe Rhi manages to keep such a detailed story straight, I’m forever forgetting what the situation is with certain factions and characters!

As everyone has said I’ve learned so much from this podcast about GM best practice and it also has an awesome story. I’m just starting season 3 and I’ve barely recovered from the twists and turns of season 2!