The Score: Lord Strangford's Unity Day Gala

I recently put together a Score sheet similar to Sean Nittner’s quick-start scores (Doskvol Riots of 847, Gaddoc Rail, etc), and I wanted to share it.

It’s Unity Day, the anniversary of the end of the Unity War with Skovlan, and Lord Strangford is holding a grand gala in celebration.

I like the way Sean’s quick-starts provide an almost Fiasco-like set of hooks to draw from while the group collaboratively puts the score together, and I tried to lean even heavier towards that than his sheets do. There’s no explicit “here’s what the score could be; pick 1 of 3 options,” just a lot of hooks. I like letting the players have a little more control over how they want to fit in to what’s going on, though it comes at the cost of taking a little bit more time to get to the actual score while you build that up.

Anyway, Blades one shots remain very interesting to me even if the game is not designed to support them. I’m also working on a simplified set of playbooks for one shot play that strip some of the downtime / long form related content and add in more rules reminders.

Thanks for reading!


Most definitely going to be using this myself and may even use it for my one-shot coming up on Sunday! I did take the liberty to post this in the discord server under our weekly workshop topic which is a revolving topic each week. Discussing Unity Day and how we celebrate it gets me thinking of just how big a deal it can be. :slight_smile:

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Nice! I used to spend a bunch of time on the Discord; I’ll have to swing by again.

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