The Weekly Squid - Doskvol newspaper

For my two pence, the muckraking Ink Rakes are one of the more intriguing factions in Doskvol. It can be fun as a GM to make use of industrial fantasy newspapers to convey opportunities and information to the other players. Here’s a newsletter your might share at your table if the players aren’t biting at some of the other available hooks.

I got the idea from the classic Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective boardgame.


These are always rad to see nemo (also glad to see you on these forums!)


Thanks, Stras! :fist_left:

It is too occasional, but I am still playing in an ongoing Scum & Villainy game and I am SO excited for you and your co-author John LeBoeuf-Little’s Band of Blades project.

Along the lines of The Weekly Squid… I’ve been reading Letters from the Trenches: The First World War by Those Who Were There and thinking about some kind of “letters-to-home” sub-phase I might hack into BoB. Or maybe just to incorporate into my questions as a GM.

You should kick that sub-forum off. Official request!

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