Thoughts on playset expansions?

My first Paragon playset (love the alliteration) is called Starbones. It is a distilled version of the FITD hack I’ve been working on for a while about sea-bound scoundrels in a strange sea. One of the core features from that game that I’m trying to refine here in Paragon is the idea of individual Seas - in Paragon this will look like distinct and heavily themed collections of islands, characters, threats, etc.

What I would like to do would be release the base playset with one or two Seas, then release new seas separately as I finish them.

@John_Harper @Sean is there any violation of the license for me to make supplemental material for my own supplement? Or would it be preferred if I simply continued to update the single playset with new supplements ad infinitum?

Hi Greg, sounds cool!

Your welcome to make supplements for your own games so long as the follow the same PARAGON licensing terms.


Great, thanks for the clarification!

Starbones is awesome! A really well done adaptation of Agon to a pirate theme.