Threat clocks rules question

Hi, I’m about to start my first Band campaign after a few years of running Blades in the Dark. I think I have a pretty good grasp on most of the differences, including threat level and harm, but I’m wondering about multiple higher threat enemies. Say I have three Gut-Sacks, which is the typical deployment recommended for them as a Threat 2 enemies. Is that 3 separate 8-tick clocks, or are they designed so that a group of three represents a single threat 2 8-tick clock? Follow-up if Gut-Sacks are an exception, should a pair of Spitters (or Horrors or any similar elite undead) be two 8-tick clocks, or a single clock (maybe 10 or 12 ticks?).


In the Gut-Sacks cases, this hd been discussed a long time ago, I can’t remember where. It is the whole three GS that constitute an Elite, it’s only one 8-clock.

For the next exemple (a pair of Splitters). No strict rule, but many possibilities. Are they acting independently and intelligently? Each has its clock. Are they acting together? I’d probably keep one 8-clock, still scale 1, but one guy fighting them would be in Desperate position. Or increasing the clock to 10 is a good option too.

If there are more than two Elites together, you can keep the 8-clock, but increasing their scale will automatically make it much more dangerous and difficult to tackle. That’s the right way to deal with groups of unread, be they T1 or T2.


Sorry for the late reply, saw this a while ago, just wanted to say thanks, great explanation.