Threat/Scale/Potency and Position

I’ve been reviewing and continuing to familiarize myself with the rules again, and realized something: a number of the cheat sheets available on-line (including my own) indicate Position is calculated by including the differences in Threat and Scale. Except I can’t actually find this idea in the text that discusses the determination of Position. It looks like these three items only discretely factor in to determining the Effect level, and are not used to modify the calculation of Easy, Stupid, or Hold my Beer and Watch This.

They shouldn’t mechanically change position, only effect. Fighting a giant (scale) critter solo is probably desperate. But if you’ve done a setup action (maybe it’s pinned or cornered) and you’re firing at it from outside it’s effective radius, it may indeed be controlled (which may change to risky as it breaks free or whatnot).

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Ah! Excellent! That really cuts down on the mathing in play. I will update my cheat sheet at once.
Thanks for the swift answer, Stras!