Three Desperate Nights - Three Scores for Blades in the Dark

Hello Scoundrels,

Three Desperate Nights is three fan made scores/events happening in and around Doskvol. Use these to spice up your campaign, or start a brand new crew of scoundrels. You can modify, remix, or tear apart each one to suit the needs of your table and your story.

I originally made these as part of an adventure jam happening on itch but ran out of time. The score titles were inspired by Loot the Room’s excellent random adventure title generator.

  • Explore an ancient and dead leviathan hunting ship in Dark Beneath the God
  • Take advantage of the rising violence in Crow’s Foot in Below Violent Nights
  • Finally, see what secrets the sea kept in Tide of the Drowning Crown

Check it out for free at the links below:


Nice. Cool premises.

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Thank you!

Just signed up to express my deep thanks and appreciation for this excellent supplement. This was exactly what I needed to help flesh out npc motivations and other goings on around the standard starting situation. And the layout is perfect. Awesome!

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Thanks so much! I’m so glad it helped out, and welcome to the community!