Tier 0 Leech, bandolier

Hi, my friends and I just finished our session 0 and I’ll be playing a leech. While looking through the playbook I noticed that altough they get a bandolier that refils between scores, it does not say what Tier of alchemicals or bombs I can acess.

Is it similar to the crafting system, meaning that, with a crew of tier 0 and no bombs or alchemicals of tier 0, I can’t acquire any alchemical agents or bombs unless I roll a 6?


I have acess to bombs and alchemicals of all tiers even if my crew is of Tier 0?

Hi and welcome!
As a Tier 0 Leech, you have access to any of the 13 drugs/alchemicals listed on page 71. Some are already higher tier. Those alchemicals are detailes and explained on page 226.
Of course, the bandolier gives you 3 uses only, but you can choose when needed during the score, you don’t have to select before.
If you want more alchemicals to choose from, or create new ones not listed in the book, you have to follow the normal rules of crafting or acquiring.

There’s a bit more detailed information on pg 71 of the rulebook.

Basically a bandolier takes 1 load and has 3 of the items on the list, and they refresh between scores. You can take another bandolier for another load for a total of 6 bombz :smirk_cat:

Leeches get a lot of weird shit from the start, but most of them have drawbacks or aren’t necessarily exactly what you’d want. Grenades make noise, there’s no lethal poison etc. That’s for you to stock up on/invent later :wink:

Thank you, your answers made it all very clear!

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Does nobody find access to tier 5 large bombs at tier 0 over powered? In our first session delete wanted to have planted a size or bomb and I overruled this as I suspected that it was not intended for starting characters to have this kind of fire power.

Just me?

Hi Rob. The bandolier does NOT give access to a Tier V bomb from the start. Only the items listed on page 71 are available to the Leech from the start without having to Acquire or Craft them. A Grenade is Tier III.

Quicksilver is Tier IV but has heavy drawback, plus possible consequences from a 1-5 roll, etc.

That said, many people also think that some of the Bandolier items are OP (I don’t). Even if “balance” was really a thing in BitD, remember that those items are only reloaded in downtime “so long as you have reasonable access to a supplier or workshop”… and only the GM know what “reasonable” means… This could mean a lot of possible problems or score ideas…

Thanks for the clarification. During the game I skim-read and missed the “list on the right” so just saw the next bit refering to the complete list on p226. Whoops! I’m OK with grenades from the start :slight_smile:

My group decided that the leech needs to justify everything they have on them, since thats just how we like it.

I can see this being a way to go if you are running a grittier campaign, or just one where you want resource management to be a bit crunchy.

Tempted, but you know - play first then tweak. We have our first downtime Saturday and I know he’s desperate to do some crafting… it may be a bit of a shock to find out what efforts need to be made to deal with stress and harm first. But after we’ve played crafting as RAW and then seen these in play with the automatic items we’ll make a call on this.

i totally see that.
i think what we did may have been partially from being new to the game (idk, im not the gm). relatedly, for the lurk’s silence potion, we said he reasonably has it on him the first time, but thereafter had to have a story reason to have it; this led to a crafting thing to gain silence potion on demand.