Together is the Guild, A High-fantasy hack with an itch of Tactical Combat

Hey all! New around here, love BITD and have been working on my own FITD hack. After testing it with a small campaign with some friends I’m finally happy to share it! Hope you get some cool ideas from it for your own campaigns! :smile: Feedback always appreciated as well!

Together is the Guild is a High-fantasy TTRPG with an itch of Tactical Combat based on BITD Rules. You will find yourself with a group of adventurers aiming to make the best guild in this magical world! You must work together to survive the threats of rival guilds, nobles, dungeons, and everything else the world throws at you!

Some changes include:

  • Narrative based Magic rules! (Imagination is key!)
  • Inventory Slots instead of load
  • XP Triggers are done at the end of every session
  • Leveling system like PF2e or D&D (1-20) instead of XP bars for every attribute and playbook
  • Changed Heat & Wanted levels logic with now having a D30 table of entanglements!
  • Renamed a bunch of stuff to feel more in line of a fantasy world with a group of adventures.
  • Tactical Combat phase with an example module using PF2e combat rules.
  • And a bunch of more smaller changes!

You can get the rules for free here:

Planning on slowly adding more guild types, working out a more integrated tactical combat system, and looking into making a fun setting around this, but for now here are the rules for free! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This looks great, and is totally something I was looking for. I only glimpsed at it, but I already want to say three things, after saying thank you for making this.

First, a typo on the itch page: *lashback should probably be flashback.

Second, suggestions for guilds/teams/party sheets:

  • Ship-based guild
  • Tower or magical research focused guild
  • Mercenary guild
  • Merchant guild
  • Thieves’ guild
  • Race/ethnic/community focused guild (e.g. dwarves going to look for their ancestor’s treasure guarded by a dragon)
  • Church, monastery, or faith-based guild (or cult)

I would suggest allowing gang upgrades to emulate the Leadership feat, and to also allow some variety in the types of guilds. In BitD, gangs really only become useful after you get to tier 1 anyway, so it seems reasonable to simply require the guild to be at a higher tier (maybe D?) before you can get a gang upgrade.

And, finally, I suggest adding text giving permission to ignore your rule requiring taking powers in a certain order, especially for the “multi-classing” hack, with the warning that some choices might be OP and should be either evaluated carefully, or could be potentially restricted in use.

Happy to provide more (and detailed) feedback when I get into it in greater depth.

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Thank you very much for the initial feedback! Some great ideas here for guild types! I’ve got Mercenary Guild sheet coming up on the weekend, with currently Merchant and a Cult (name tbd) sheets in works, as well as some typo fixes and rewording to make some things more clear in the rules.

Regarding gang upgrades, currently the rules are pretty open to interpretation and feel on how the players want to recruit or upgrade their gang. Nonetheless, the leadership feat looks interesting and I’ll delve a bit deeper into it to see if there is something that can be used from there!

One of the chances incoming in the next version (in the weekend) is the removal of the starting ability, and instead you can pick any special ability as your first one or when you multi class, with a suggestion to pick the first one. Also, good idea to remove the order from the special abilities list in the rules, it could cause confusion, you’re allowed to pick any you want when you level up already anyway!

Feel free to send any more feedback you have my way, it’s always appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: I now notice that I have not include Multi Class anywhere in the rules, but I do on the character sheets. Whops. :sweat_smile:

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I think that’s fine: I think that’s low priority and pretty clear from the sheet. I noticed a few paragraphing issues in the previews on itch, but want to see if they are in the doc itself when I download it.

Going through the doc and adding comments as I go through. BTW, if you are working on a Google and want to share it with me so I can comment there, this might be much more efficient.

Page 2: “The TIG Rule System” I assume TIG stands for Together is the Guild, but that would be TITG, which sounds a lot less good. I would probably stick with Forged in the Dark, since that has some brand recognition, provides additional information, and fits the bill pretty well, but you’re welcome to ignore this. You even reference FitD later on page 3.

Page 5, under ROLLING DICE: the single 6 outcome needs its own paragraph, separate from the double-six crit outcome. I’d also probably bullet those paragraphs, to make them stand out as the four possible outcomes. I’d also rename “Double 6” to “Multiple 6” or “More than one 6” to clarify that it applies even when you roll more than two 6s.

Page 6, under RESISTING CONSEQUENCES: “To resist, you roll a dice equal to the column of the respective attribute that the GM has chosen.” Perhaps better to say “… equal to the number of actions under the relevant attribute that you have at least one level in.”

Page 6, under WOUND CONSEQUENCES: “When you fil a row…” is missing one el in FILL. But do you really only apply the consequence when you have 2 lesser or moderate wounds? Isn’t one enough to trigger the consequence to the related actions? If I’m correct, better to say “When you have a wound, you must apply the related consequence described below to all related actions.”

Page 6, under RESISTING WOUND CONSEQUENCES: “When doing do a resistance roll” probably needs the “do” deleted.

Page 7, FLASHBACK: in BitD the willpower cost is normally set by how plausible or reasonable the actions would be in the original context, in the sense that, if the events that happened in the flashback are pretty reasonable, then the cost is free. If the characters in that context would probably not have taken those actions, then it’s 2 stress/willpower (or more!). And then the middle ground. This avoids overplanning, because you know, as a player, that you can just flashback for free to plan any reasonable planning. You’re changing this to be related to task complexity and likelihood (for flashbacks that cost 2 only). I’m wondering if that’s the right move. Would you share your reasoning?

Page 8, INVENTORY: “To add more items to these lists, one can use the
Acquire Asset downtime, a Long-term project…” perhaps add the word “action” after “downtime.”

I’ll add more when I have time, if this is helpful.

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Thanks again for the valuable feedback! Fixed the grammar/spelling/extra words all across the board including the ones you mentioned. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Page 2: I’ve removed all mentions regarding a “TIG Rule system” all together, as it was confusing and didn’t make much sense. The text is going to update to be more similar to what is under “Gameplay” on the page!

Page 5: Good catch, the 6 should be its own paragraph, and will implement your feedback regarding bullet points and rename double 6 to Multiple 6.

Page 6 Resisting Consqeunces: Will rewrite that phrase, because as you say it can indeed be a bit confusion.

Page 6: Wound Consequences. Fixed the missing L! And yes, you only apply the consequences when you have 2 lesser or moderate wounds. This is one slight rule change in comparison to BITD. The biggest reasoning for this is that based on the BITD games I played, it was a mechanic that was always forgotten and caused more confusion than anything else, so I simplified the mechanic. With playtesting it seemed to work better for the tables I played with. There’s a small chance that I will completely redo the wound tables in the future, to be more fitting, but for now this will do.

Page 7, Flashback. The flashback mechanic should be as closely as possible to how the flashback workds in BITD. If you didn’t get that feeling then that means I worded it poorly! (I also found a grammar mistake that I will fix in there)

Page 8, Inventory. Not directly related to your feedback, but I now notice that I removed the Acquire Asset Downtime activity, and forgot to add information about it in Free Play that the players can buy items using Gold at any time they want without it costing downtime. The concept of getting an item temporarily doesn’t exist in the current rule set. (Tl;dr I will remove Acquire Asset Downtime and reword it to be more coerent with what the initial idea was for it)

Thanks again for the indepth feedback!! Much appreciated.

PS. Unfortunately I do not use google for this, so wouldn’t be able to share, sorry. It’s all written locally in Markdown then I use a script to generate the PDF from the various pages.

First update for Together is the Guild is out! Mercenaries Guild Type is now available on the Itch link in the first post.

Full Changelog:

  • Updated Character Sheets to have more space.
  • Removed Starting Special Ability Rule. Instead you can now pick any, with a suggestion to pick the first one for both Classes and Guilds.
  • Become Obsessed over your Hobby is now called Oblivious Action.
  • Added and improved the examples of consequences to the Oblivious Action.
  • Fixed Magic rules referencing Skill rolls instead of Action Rolls.
  • Fixed a couple of grammar and spelling mistakes.


  • Bard: Removed Bard Jack of all Trades Special Ability.
  • Bard: Changed You no longer get both Bardic Inspiration and Performance Magic special abilities at the same time.
  • Mage: Removed unnecessary Armour reference in Mage Armour Description.
  • Ranger: Updated class items to include medium armour instead of map of the area.


  • Added Mercenary Guild Type.
  • Adventurers Guild: Changed Patron special Ability to give free guild upgrades.

Enjoy! More feedback is always appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Big Update with a turn based actions system that tightly integrates into the narrative that together with the combat rules create a great Narrative Combat system!
Also in no specific order:

  • Changed the wound system to a more traditional fantasy health system
  • Added Combat damage guidelines
  • Added NPCs & Enemies creation guidelines.
  • Added initial items table & class item descriptions.
  • Maximum amount of action dots lowered to 3.
  • Various small wording changes to make everything work better with turn based action and combat.

You can find the full changelog here:

Enjoy! Feedback always welcome!