Tooling, gadgets and steampunk: need ideas

I’ve started a campaing last thursday and when setting the tone my players asked for “more steampunk!”.
I’ve read the manual at page 227 but, even if the rule are pretty simple, I’m lacking of inspiration.

Could you kindly post some of your gadgets with quality level, number of uses (if the’re consumable) and drawbacks to tickle my immaginations?
thanks in advance and have a nice day.


Our Leech has two things as of now:

  • Vambraces which can apply the alchemical potions immediately. We just tick the bandoleer’s uses.
  • Electroplasmic gun consisting of glass tank full of electric eels carried on back. As for the downsides - it’s a heavy, GLASS tank full of HUGE electric eels strapped to her back :slight_smile:

I’m currently running the game but I have a Whisper rolled up in case one of the PCs is out of commission (jail, overindulgence, etc) in which case that player will take over DM duties for the duration. I already have this planned as a long-term project

Spirit Field: a generator which uses electroplasmic energy to cause distortions in the ghost field. This affects any spirits in the area, making it more difficult for them to see any living creatures within a few metres of the device. I figured level 3 because it’d be a duration of a few minutes, covering an area the size of a small room, and would only be moderate force. Downsides are that it’s fairly bulky, it requires a vial of spirit essence per use, and if a spirit does manage to see through the distortion it has no protective capabilities at all. In fact the distortion may anger the spirit further.

Hope I get the chance to build and use it one day!

Voilà !


There are several creations that the community has crafted in the BitD discord server in the creative channels which are pretty good. Also several Pinterest boards with good art for such gadgets.

Have you asked your players what something they would enjoy having included might be? I find the table always comes up with cool concepts and it also engages your players more if they helped create the fiction you all play in. (My personal board for BitD with a sparkcraft section)