Tracking healing for multiple level 2 wounds

A character acquires a level 2 wound in a mission (on their arm, say).

Immediately following the mission they get one healing tick on that wound.

Next mission they acquire another level 2 wound, to their leg.

The question arises here: when acquiring the second level 2 wound should the level 2 healing ticks (currently 1/2) stay as is (option A), or get reset to 0/2 (option B).

Assume for the sake of the question that at the end of this mission the PC will again receive one tick of healing.

If option A: after the mission when they receive one tick of healing both the older arm wound and the fresh leg wound will be fully healed - the leg wound will be gone after only a single healing tick.

If option B: after the mission when they receive one tick of healing they’ll still have both the leg and arm wounds, even though the arm wound now has received two ticks of healing.

Is either correct? It seems like the only fictionally appropriate method is to track both level 2 wounds separately…

Also a related question: wound penalties are applied when fictionally justified. If a PC had two level 2 wounds, and both applied to a situation would they receive a total of -1d penalty, or -2d?

Option A. Filling all the ticks on a row remove all injuries on that row. It’s an abstract system, so adjust the fiction accordingly.

Don’t track ticks per injury: legionnaires would get stuck out of action for longer, putting more pressure on those currently unhurt, and players would have to track yet another thing. The game is already hard enough.


I guess the catch on this is that it can become inconsistent.

One of my campaign’s specialists took a L2 wound in play, on the primary mission.

He was partially healed afterwards, then reassigned to support a secondary recon mission for the next session. And came back from that with L1 harm.

If he’d taken a more serious wound on the secondary mission, he’d he one tick away from full healing. But as it’s only L1, he’s now two ticks away.

And I’m not entirely sure that model works for me.

Yeah, good point. It sort of suggests that option B in my op makes more sense than A. That and the fact that in BitD partial healing is lost when taking a new wound (which I didn’t consider when asking the original question).

It’s a consequence of BoB’s healing being only for one harm level at a time, which is a bit clumsy, but with so many characters to heal clocks for each wouldn’t work.

Option A is correct.

There are times when you model for realism and times when you must abstract. The wound system itself (2, 2, 1, death) is an abstraction to begin with. People survive a lot more than 5 cuts sometimes. The cost of playing a game with dozens of sheets, and one person tracking healing often weeks apart on tons of characters means that sometimes you sacrifice a bit of realism for the ability to not get bogged down in annoying minutiae.

It’s a rare enough occurrence and often ascribed by different people (marshal vs player) that it didn’t end up mattering during playtests. If for whatever reason it bugs you a ton, house rule it up!

@Barlimain this is a standalone game. There should never be a need to quote core blades rules.

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