Trauma question

From first glimpse at the character sheet, it seems characters can take 4 blocks of trauma damage.

However, on a closer look, Rookies have 1 big block and 3 smaller ones. Specialists and Soldiers have 2 bigger blocks and 2 smaller ones.

On the Rookies page (pg. 99) I see the following: “Rookies also start with one trauma
box instead of the usual two, which means that any trauma you suffer will kill you. Rookies are more fragile than weathered Specialists, and must protect themselves accordingly.”

Does this mean if a Rookie takes a Trauma they die? And specialists and soldiers take 2 trauma and die? You need to take a special ability like “Survivor” to be able to survive more trauma?


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Yes, that’s correct. Rookies die after one trauma by default, Specialist and Soldiers can take two, you can get more with Special abilities.

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What Duan said (so speedy!)