Turf/sacred sites

Hi all. My players are really enjoying their fledgling cult (2 heists down) and are now planning on a turf expansion (or rather sacred site as they are a cult). They have a particular gang they want to target die to plot so happy for them to choose this, but does the turf have to be in their hunting grounds?
They are going after The Fog Hounds who I picture being mostly based in the Docks, but the players set their hunting grounds in Crows Foot. Does this really matter?

Well for Duskvoll if i recall correctly I don’t think they are necessarily required to do anything persay because you can always home brew elements. Typically gathering assets are decided on based on proximity to the base and building up a base of operations. So I wouldn’t stop them from doing it but unless they remember to guard the hideout, something might happens in territory they already own but if they are thoughtful enough to send a crew to be on watch then maybe you roll for a crew battle and relay the results or something along those lines. Also just be aware that the docks has much stronger protections than the starting area around crows foot, not sure of the Fog Hounds ranking but I think it matters, but not in the sense that you can’t let them attempt. Just make sure you check the tier of the crew and unless they’re like Tier 4 i see no reason to not let them try if you want to.

In Blades, the crew can try - and often succeed in - taking on any challenge they like. The important thing is to try to keep the fiction consistent and believable.

So they take a piece of turf that isn’t adjacent to their current area - that’s fine. But then, maybe their gang gets attacked while carrying the night’s take back to their HQ through another crew’s territory. Or maybe they decide to try to join up their two areas by taking the intervening areas - who controls those, what’s there, who else might try to take the turf?

Alternatively, if they’re targeting a group in another area just to eliminate them and not necessarily taking their turf, are there any other gangs in the vicinity who might co-operate to take out the Fog Hounds if they get to claim it instead of your crew? Or would they let your players do the hard work and then pick over the claim once the Fog Hounds have gone?

Your team can try whatever they like. Just think about the consequences of their actions in that area and see what new stories open up afterwards.