U’Duasha release?

I know this was mentioned a fair while back; any chance of U’Duasha going out for sale soon, and those modified playbooks being released? Would love a way to actually pay for that content, rather than the various scoundrel-y means floating around.


i too would like to throw money at someone to get that in a legit way!

It will definitely be up on DriveThru at some point this summer.


Happy to hear, that’s lovely!

Any chance of an update on this?

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I was being a bit too optimistic. :slight_smile:

U’Duasha playbooks still aren’t completed to my standard. I’m taking a few of them back to the drawing board.


No worries! Excited to see (and buy these!) whenever they’re ready.

How different are these from the core playbooks? Are these more aesthetic tweaks, or are they mechanically different?

Any news on this? Been almost a year.


I’m not happy with U’Duasha in its current state as a public release. We’ve had a good round of feedback from a sensitivity reader, and we have plans in the works for a re-write (by an author with more insight into the cultures that it’s drawing on). We’ll announce that when we have the details hammered out.


That’s actually super exciting; I know some folks had voiced concerns about the Iruvians. I’ll be first in line once it goes up for sale!

You had mentioned playbooks before - are they different from the core ones? I’d just been expecting a setting guide.

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New playbooks are very likely… we’ll know more once we dive into it with the new author(s).


Eagerly awaiting this! That said, better to take a little more time and do it right than rush the shot and blow the whole score.


And should you ever need playtesters… :stuck_out_tongue:


Likewise, I’m sure!

Any news on this, half a year later?

With the announcement of the (awesome-sounding!) Dagger Isles book, I was curious if there was any word on this expansion?

Is this project dead?

At the risk of thread necromancy, I second the question–very eagerly awaiting this.