I’m kicking around this idea for an advanced ability. Please take a look and let me know what you think - I haven’t playtested and I’m concerned that it might be overpowered…


“The line between hero and monster is too often blurred.”

Skovlander heritage and membership in certain Skov families and/or former member of ulfheðnar shock troops.
Not to be Trifled With

In some of the more remote reaches of Skovlander there exist a rare few families that maintain pacts with bestial spirits. A rare few of the scions of those houses are the products of a sort of ritual interbreeding, a fusion of human and beast spirit who can channel their inhuman heritage to perform feats of inhuman prowess and brutal savagery.

As the Unity War ground on, some of these families formed small bands of advanced scouts and terror troops within the Skovlander military. Reviled and feared by the Akrosian armies, most were slaughtered in the war. Some survived and slipped anonymously into society allowing their gift to atrophy with neglect and certain drugs.

You are one of these beastmen, and you have reawakened your gift.

The character can now activate Not to be Trifled With for only 1 stress instead of 2. If the character spends 2 stress when activating that Talent they gain additional potency, capable now of superhuman feats of strength and toughness as well as their unarmed attacks are now considered to be armed. However, sprouting fur and fangs while tossing carriages about does attract attention and will automatically generate one additional heat. Repeated use may also draw the wrong kind of attention from either Akrosian authorities who take exception to rampaging monsters, or Skov revolutionaries looking to recruit…


Some fun flavor and world-building! I enjoy these hints of parallel Duskvols.
My mind jumps to a making the downside a consequence like tick the 4-clock "the spirit wardens track you down, which could be resisted as usual.
But honestly – I think yours works just fine.

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I would shy away from letting you activate Not to be Trifled With using a single stress, tbh. As it is, channel a beast spirit to do something more than a normal person with NtbTW seems fine to me.


Also, you could take a look at Terrible Power in the Vampire playbook. Maybe having it be separate, something you activate in addition to NtbTW, could work?

So many options. :crazy_face:

You know, the more I think about it, the more it makes sense to simply “reskin” the vampire playbook. Perhaps the ulfheðnar are vampires that were never fully human to begin with…

Thank you all for your imput.