Undead - using creation methods as plot fuel…

Has anyone leaned into this for their Skydagger keep campaigns?

We know that elites typically take a lot of time and effort to create, but it strikes me you can get a lot of mission/campaign mileage out of the rank and file limitations too.

For example -

Render’s Gaunts need living prisoners - and the cinderblood process takes a long time (before you even get to the armour plate…) and needs a static location. Plus a supply of cinderblood to that camp…

Breaker’s Burned need living prisoners or very fresh corpses - they don’t take so long to rise, but they also need a tree that’s been prepared by Breaker herself.

Blighter’s Rotters start as corpses - no need for living prisoners - and they don’t have to be too fresh. But they also keep decaying, so she’s going to need to create more on a regular basis and (unlike some of the others) prolonged sieges or occupation of deserted areas will steadily deplete her army.

(…and when you do look at elite troops, there’s likely to be a hard limit on both Devourers and knights of the Black Oak. Not much scope to recruit more in Aldermark - and both presumably need some level of food and sleep, even if those needs are reduced by their corruption).

Thoughts? What about the rest of them?


Reading this month’s after your post. Seems like it offers great mission ideas that can hurt the enemy’s logistics.

"Amateurs study tactics, experts study logistics "