Underground Maps & Passkeys

Hey Everyone!

Super excited to announce that the Blades in the Dark Score Zine, Underground Maps & Passkeys is now up on Itch.io!


Underground Maps & Passkeys is a collection of alternative starting situations for Blades in the Dark, along with other odds and ends, written and compiled by members of the official Blades Discord community.

Headed up by @SamD with contributions from @Michael @Mistletoe_kiss @rrayy @ZapDynamic @Dissonance @Tom of Condotto & HoW @Joms @Hieron_II @Eric @JasonB @Sully5443 @DrakeandDice @Navi @mikeyhamm
(Not sure of some of the tags handles here so if I missed you please let me know)

All profits from Underground Maps & Passkeys will be donated to The Bail Project, an organization dedicated to ending cash bail and, in the meantime, paying bail for those that cannot afford it. The Zine has a suggested donation of $12, but can be nabbed for $3. Your support helps us foster the greater Blades in the Dark Community and contributes a great cause.


Thanks to all the contributors, and a huge :clap: :clap: :clap: to @Sam D (he/him) for putting together the entire project!


Amazing work, really great resource.


Snagged for future use! Thanks to all for this!

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This is an excellent resource - downloaded and waiting in the wings for my games.

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Just went to get this. Looking forward to adding these scenarios to my session prep.

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