Underground Maps & Passkeys

Hey Everyone!

Super excited to announce that the Blades in the Dark Score Zine, Underground Maps & Passkeys is now up on Itch.io!


Underground Maps & Passkeys is a collection of alternative starting situations for Blades in the Dark, along with other odds and ends, written and compiled by members of the official Blades Discord community.

Headed up by @SamD with contributions from @Michael @Mistletoe_kiss @rrayy @ZapDynamic @Dissonance @Tom of Condotto & HoW @Joms @Hieron_II @Eric @JasonB @Sully5443 @DrakeandDice @Navi @mikeyhamm
(Not sure of some of the tags handles here so if I missed you please let me know)

All profits from Underground Maps & Passkeys will be donated to The Bail Project, an organization dedicated to ending cash bail and, in the meantime, paying bail for those that cannot afford it. The Zine has a suggested donation of $12, but can be nabbed for $3. Your support helps us foster the greater Blades in the Dark Community and contributes a great cause.


Thanks to all the contributors, and a huge :clap: :clap: :clap: to @Sam D (he/him) for putting together the entire project!


Amazing work, really great resource.


Snagged for future use! Thanks to all for this!

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This is an excellent resource - downloaded and waiting in the wings for my games.

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Just went to get this. Looking forward to adding these scenarios to my session prep.

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Hello, just wanted to thank you for this beautiful supplement, it’s got me in a very creative headspace and it’s just an amazing collection of cool ideas and game content!

I had a question for anyone who has run The Tangletown Hustle starting scenario included in this work by @michael - What sort of wrongs did Mardin Gull want set right? I’ve been brainstorming on this and repeatedly hitting walls for some reason.

I so LOVE the idea of delaying the crew-creation process until after a sort of tutorial score where players feel out the game mechanics and discover what kind of jobs they like to pull. My problem has been coming up with things Mardin Gull might regret that could easily translate to several possible plans for the different types of scores.

I think I want to involve Tangletown, not as a ‘prove you can be a crew before getting the job’ type situation, but simply as the setting for one item on Mardin’s list of regrets he wants fixed. His regrets would also lead them to other locations and into other districts. Ideally I think I want one fix-it job for each type of score. That way my players get a little sampler of Assault, Deception, Stealth, Occult, Social, Transport. Walk half a mile in the shoes of shadows, bravos, smugglers, etc. (Maybe combined down into only three or four separate scores?) Is this approach totally unfeasible? I’m probably over-complicating things.

If I wanted to give the players a checklist at the beginning of the campaign from Mardin Gull that says “help me right these specific wrongs and I will give your crew the Leaky Bucket pub, and its hidden lair & vault below,” would that be a good way to introduce a group of D&D-Finder on-rail adventure path nerds to the wide open world of Blades In The Dark?