Unified Tracking Sheet

I know the game is a conversation but one thing my group is struggling with a little bit is that they don’t really understand what the losing conditions are or where they’re at with various key resources. This is exacerbated by the fact that the player running the Marshal doesn’t make it to all the sessions.

To that end, I whipped up this unified tracking sheet. Note that it’s intended to be a central reference sheet the whole group can review. It’s not meant to replace the various clocks and boxes in the playbooks (for one thing it’s not that comprehensive or detailed, there’s a lot of individual roles info not included here).

Couple quick notes:
MUSTER is how many troops are in The Legion. (If it gets down to less than 15, the Legion disbands.)
INJURED is meant to be a quick at-a-glance measure of how many legionnaires are wounded. Whether you track that as having a level 1 Harm, level 2 Harm or whatever is up to you.
THE TOLL OF THE FALLEN is meant as a quick checkbox of casualties. It’s a little impersonal but it’s a quick reminder of the cost of the campaign. Note the stripe on every 4th bell to indicate that the Lorekeeper should Tell the Tales of the Legion.

Anyway, I haven’t used this at the table yet so it will probably get tweaked again once I do. My hope is that having everyone update this sheet will help spark a conversation among the players about which priorities are important and what trouble they’re facing.

Take a look and let me know if you find it useful or anything huge is missing.


Maybe a ‘how close are we to Skydagger’ tracker? I think @A_B worked out the maximum number of advances the Campaign can have. You might also want a current location box.

Pretty cool! I could see this being very useful in an IRL game for the GM to keep their own running track of the game. We’re using Roll20 and so everyone’s sheets are easily accessible, so I see it as less useful, but at a table where everyone has only one physical copy of the sheet, that could be a gamechanger.