Unknown Star Systems

These are just some stream of consciousness thoughts about a couple of name-drops found in the book.

Everyone knows about the dormant Hantu Gate in the Holt System. Have people made the destination of this gate a feature of their campaign? Any ideas for why the Ur shut it down?

I think a lot depends on whether it is locked from the Holt side or the other side. If it’s the Holt side, then the implication is that something is being kept out. So the system beyond the Gate could be a prison system or home to a host of malign creatures (perhaps similar to the inhabitants of Planet Omega?). If it’s locked from the other side, then someone doesn’t want anyone to come in. It could be a home to the last surviving Ur population or perhaps an Ur graveyard system.

Another mysterious system was mentioned in the Anzani Key artifact description (p 271). This artifact allows access to the Duha System, which the book is otherwise tantalizingly silent about. My first thought was that the Anzani Key activated the Hantu Gate in the Holt System. However, the description of the Anzani Key seems to indicate that it can change the destination of any gate to the Duha system!

If any gate can access the Duha System, it seems like a nexus system of some sort. Perhaps it’s like a massive “storage” system or “vault” where the Ur stored materials or goods they needed as they went about the galaxy. Anything anyone or any Faction might desire could be there!

Any other thoughts one what the “Hantu” and Duha Systems might hold?

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Oh, I’m excited to see more answers for this one.

My players are getting ready to cross through the Hantu gate within a couple of sessions. There they’ll be met by prison guards upset that prisoners are escaping through the gate for the first time in 6 million years.

It’ll be revealed that the Hegemony is basically Space Australia.


I quite like the Mothership module, Dead Planet. So I might put that on the other side…

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