Unused Crews as additional Factions

I am working on my FitD game and realized that our Covens (Crews) were too fundamental to the game world to just disappear if not chosen by the PC group.

Do any of you think that having the crews other than the one chosen by the players as factions might cause any problems? Do you know of any other hacks that do something like this? Have any of you done this in Blades? Any pitfalls I should avoid?

I’m also worried about assigning them Tier ratings… whether they would all be the same Tier (maybe 2) or scattered throughout the faction list.

Most factions could be classified as belonging to one of the crew types, or as a mix of a few crew types. I don’t think there is a need to say “If the players choose to be Bravos, then I need to create one Assassin faction, one Shadow faction, etc.” Those already exist.

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I agree that it’s not necessary in Blades, but in Children of Midnight covens are more integral to the game’s world.

It wouldn’t really make sense to me if the 8 or 9 of the game world’s most interesting covens instantly vanished from the game after character/coven creation. Does that make sense?

That said, I also don’t think it would be wise for me to make nearly duplicate faction versions of each of the PC’s coven choices.

Example: One of the PC coven choices will be the Keepers of the Old Ways; our game’s analog of Druids. If the PCs choose to play this coven they will start at Tier 0 and gain power in the game world. If they choose to make their own coven or play a different pre-made coven I think that the Keeper of the Old Ways should still exist as a faction in the game world (albeit higher than Tier 0).

I’m trying to think of some specific examples that would fit with other FitD games, but all of them I can think of (have run) wouldn’t really benefit from this (Scum and Villainy, A Fistful of Darkness, etc.).