Unusual Suspects: One Month-101 Entries!

Unusual Suspects jam is officially over and the results are really overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who participated.


I’d love to use this thread to highlight our favorite entries. I’m particularly fond of the effort that went into the play supplements, the crews, the themed playbooks, etc. but I’m proud of every one!

So, what will you play in your next campaign?


I like the Analyst and the Veteran for similar but different reasons. They’re both well-integrated into the setting, which is a novel one, and that immediacy of the player character narrative options can’t be overstated.

But the Analyst is well integrated with the current regulatory scheme. S/he is the accountant, and cooks the books so the crew doesn’t catch the attention of the powers that be.

The Veteran, on the other hand, is someone who knows how the powers that be work(ed), and that history can be a nice hook.

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