UPDATE: Adrenaline: Near Future, Forged in the Dark



Excerpt from World book.

Hi all-
I’m down to the last 6 days of my Kickstarter and funded at 149% This means that I am only $3 short to fund the entire game! Including:

  • Core Rule Book
  • World Book (34 modern cities)
  • Operations Deck (54 card deck)
  • NPC Business Cards
  • Mirror World (A virtual reality splatbook)
  • Glitch (A supernatural & parallel realms splatbook)
  • Allies & Adversaries (a handful of NPCs with backstories)

I am currently $503 away from the final stretch goal. Dog Days the RPG is a Forged in the Dark hack where you play cops, or robbers, as dogs. It is based on a really cool graphic novel.

Here is the Kickstarter campaign link.

(Daniel) #2

I just watched that last stretch goal fall. Congratulations on the successful campaign. I’m still just trying to decide what level I can afford to back at.

(Daniel Hiatt) #3

Congrats! Looks like you’ve blown past all your stretch goals!


Thanks! I even blew past the ones that I didn’t think had a chance… I’m getting to work-