Update of the PDF file

I purchased Blades in the Dark and Band of Blades books from online retailer and Evilhat provided me the digital bundle from the Brick & Mortar program. The pdf file of BitD is 8.2, while I have no idea what BoB is. Obviously I missed the Kickstarter bandwagon.

I have two questions:

  1. How often the file is updated?
  2. Where the update will be done?

In my case, will the B&M site get refresh?

Hi Valyar, I think you have all the current files (Blades 8.2 is the release version) but if you have any questions about the Evil Hat Bits and Mortar, please email feedback@evilhat.com and we’ll look into it.

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Hi Sean - I have 8.1 - which I got when I purchased the printed copy. Are there substantial differences between the two versions?

The are a handful of typos we fixed that were minor. The only substantive change is the amount of coin each Blade gets when the crew advances (Tier +2 into stash). That’s been corrected on all the playsheets, so it’s not normally an issue.