Using coloured dice

I’ve been working on my own FitD game for almost a year now and I want to include a rule option. I’m just wondering if anyone’s ever thought of using coloured dice and what your thoughts are on this.

This is how it’s explained in my manuscript:

Option: Using Coloured Dice
If available, you can choose to roll coloured dice; the result of each colour helps you picture and narrate what is happening in the story.
First, assign a colour to each kind of d6 you get to roll. For example: black dice for d6s that derive from your action rating; white dice for d6s that you get because you’re Pushing yourself or from a Devil’s Bargain; blue dice for d6s you get from assistance.
Say, you rolled your highest result with a black die: This means you succeeded at this task thanks to your own skills. You disarmed your opponent with your lightning-fast grapple attack. But if it was the white die that allowed you to triumph, what might have happened is that you initially failed: Your target almost wrestled you to the ground, but then you put in an extra bit of effort; it was sheer determination and grit that allowed you to get back up on your feet the last second before you got pushed off the roof. Or, the white die signifies the Devil’s Bargain that you took and it was this bargain that allowed you to win. Or, you might have rolled a 6 with your blue bonus die and now you know that you only triumphed thanks to your teammate.
Negative results, meanwhile, show you where you failed. If you don’t have a full success, you could take a look at your lowest die result. Its colour might give the GM an idea what went wrong. This can be helpful when determining complications you incur. Is your white die the lowest? That could mean you’re exhausted now. Is the blue one the lowest? Then the attempt to assist you distracted you.
Note: A GM or player should never feel obliged to have the dice colours determine what happens. If you have a better idea as to what went right or wrong, go with that. Ignore the colours.

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I like this idea a lot! I’ve been running the Fantasy Flight Star Wars system for a few months now, and being able to interpret die pools like this was an idea I was also kicking around for FitD. I wonder if it’d be too complicated to do something similar with engagement or entanglements rolls: optionally having a color for outside allies / enemies acting during the score, special preparations by the target, etc, and being able to build the fiction from that. I think these kinds of optional aids could be really helpful for GMs, since I know friends (and myself, starting out) struggled at first learning how to creatively roll with die results.

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