Using Items during Freeplay

If characters have to make action rolls during freeplay, do they have unlimited use of their listed gear? Or does it stay checked until a certain point? What about loadout? Does their loadout stay the same as it was from the previous mission?

I was actually wondering the same thing. The wording on pages 57 and 127 seems to be more related to Load during an actual Score than during Freeplay. How does Load work when you’re in Freeplay? Do you still have access to your items? Do you need to worry with load at all?

I’d say it comes down to what makes sense in the fiction. Does it make sense that you’d have your lockpicks on you just on the off chance that you’d need them? Sure. How about a vial of silence option? A little more farfetched, maybe charge a Stress for it?

Good question, I have been wondering the same. Since the game structure related text and graphics on p.8-9 mention Actions & Consequences during the free play phase, I would say that depending on the fiction you might ask the player how loaded he is and play it accordingly for the duration of the scene.

Initially I thought that during free and downtime the rolls are mainly gather information and roleplaying scenes, but now several sessions into two separate campaign it seems that there are rooms for action rolls and consequences.

And I find this completely OK & fair - they are risking to reduce the available resources (stress and harm levels) for the incoming score.