V8 of Virtual Play Toolbox

Happy day folks! I’m happy to report that based on player feedback v8 of the Virtual Play Toolbox is out. What’s new:
● Can add Sress & XP boxes and the coresponding tracks’ dropdowns update accordingly.
● Usability improvements: most-used content on top, compressed content so less crolling is required, added color coding to Trauma.
● Top row changes color to remind of highest level of harm.
● Playbook and Current Load cells’ background change to black if you’re using up more load than you have available.
● Look improved for Coin, Stash, and Lifestyle.
● Added ability to track character-specific long term projects.

For those new to the tool: Roll20 is cool, but for me it is clunky and requires clicking in too many places. As my group tends to play theater-of-the-mind, I just needed Zoom and some really good tools to track info on PCs, crew, faction, etc. AND I needed a way to see lots of characters side-by-side without needing to click through a bunch of windows. That is what inspired this toolbox.
Key tabs:
● Safety: An easy-to-use set of safety tools.
● PCs: Displays up to 8 PC character sheets at a time. Pick a sheet, name your character and select your playbook. The appropriate starting dots, special abilities, contacts, items, etc all fill in automatically. The Alias cell changes color based on the amount of harm a PC has taken, making it easy to be reminded of penalties.
● Crew: A digital Crew character sheet.
● Clocks: Allows the GM (and players if they so choose) to create and use progress clocks. The first 6 clocks are displayed & controlled from the PCs tab. All other clocks are displayed and controlled from the Clocks tab.
● Factions: Tracks the faction status and progress clocks for any factions the crew interacts with.
● Cheatsheet: The key rules you may need to look up during a game, organized into expandable sections and subsections. Scroll to find the section you need, hit the “+” icon to the left, and the section expands. Hit the “-” icon to re-collapse the section.
● Names: List of names for NPCs.

Here is a demo video walking you through it

And you can get the toolbox here

Looks cool!
For dice rolls, I would be surprised if there’s no way to randomize a number in gsheets. I’m hardly an expert though. :thinking:

The Dark Reader plugin for Firefox works really well with it, for people like me who don’t like flashlights in their eyes in the evening. :sweat_smile:

I’m not running Blades at the moment, so I don’t have an immediate need for this, but I’d consider it for sure.
How does your group handle NPC portraits and other images? It’s a big deal for my own games.

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First, thank you kindly for checking it out AND for showing how it looks in dark mode - cool!

RE NPC portraits, I tend to store that info in my own notes (I use Roamresearch) and do a screenshare. BUT… you could easily make a “database” as a tab in the google sheet, put character name in one column, quick notes in another column, and a profile picture could be pasted into the 3rd column. Then, you could add a spot in the left panel of the PCs tab (maybe push the Scoundrel tips down?) to display NPC portraits. Put a dropdown box that displays the names from the “database” and when the player selects it, the portrait image is shown below it via a vlookup.

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Version 8.2 | 30 December 2022
● Updated behind-the-scenes tab and formulas to be more flexible and easier for people to add homebrew content.
● Make look & Feel of Crew page consistent with the rest of the character keeper.


I’ve created a tutorial for how to hack the file to add homebrew content or modify it for another FitD game. Shows you how to use the hidden tabs and all that good stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oWFvF0Ixmn0