Vault of Heavens

Shouldnt the Vault of Heavens step be done during Exodus instead of Voyage (as it refers to acts performed on the island (the previous island, not the island being travelled to)) and also kinda counts as xp (since you get boons from filled constellations).
Given the real-life fact that sometimes players cant show, it makes most sense to do exodus at end of session and voyage at start of session with perhaps new players. Then new players should not receive boons from the previous island they never visited?

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Why wouldn’t you do the Voyage at the end of a session?

Here’s how I do it. Finish the island. Do Exodus and start Voyage at the end of the session. Heroes that were at the island reap the rewards from the Vault of Heaven, including Divine Favor and Boons. And I give EVERYONE the Boons to keep it at least on a bit of a level playing field, otherwise one or two heroes will dominate the Contests, be Best more often, and earn all the Glory. The only part of the Voyage I don’t do at the end of the session is the test for Leadership. Sometimes players miss sessions, so we do Leadership first thing in the session to make sure the Leader is actually there.

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Yeah, we just played through our first island, and it didn’t make sense to do Vault in its current position in the sequence. I’m going to move it to the beginning of Voyage. I kind of like the idea that as they set out, they’re staring up at the sky, both to plot their course and to sense the approval (or Wrath) of the Gods. It can also help folks decide which gods they’re going to sacrifice to during the voyage; they’ll already know what favor if any they got from the last island, and who might be angry with them.