Veteran ability question

In my current game we have a Lurk who is interested in taking the Leech ability: Venomous as a veteran ability. However, the ability states that you choose one of the potions from your bandolier. But this character, being a Lurk, doesn’t have access to that bandolier.

So can he still take the ability, and if so, how do we reconcile the bandolier issue? I don’t want to tell him “no” but it seems like a stumbling block.

Any advice?

I’d just let him choose one of the alchemicals from the bandolier list (as opposed to one of the others from the book) and leave it at that. Come up with a cool fictional story of how he became infused with it, and you’re good to go.

He’s buying the veteran ability with xp, so there’s no need to jump through other hoops. The bandolier alchemicals are readily available in the setting.


The potions for the bandolier are things that the Leech is able to get cheaply and easily enough that it can be assumed that they could just have some on hand. It doesn’t seem like that much of a stretch for another playbook to have access to or knowledge about one of those substances.

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Yeah, this is what I kind of figured. Thanks for the advice!

“I’ve spent the last few years building up an immunity to Iocane Powder.”


At worst, perhaps make it a downtime action to switch between potions for a mission? Only thinking, that while a Leech has (or can make) most of these on hand, a Lurk might need to go visit a specialty shop (or pickpocket some unsuspecting Leech) for a different chemical, even if then can copy what the Leeches can do with them.

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My wife played a teenaged Tycherosi Hound for a dozen sessions and took the Veteran --> Venomous Move. She spun the fiction as her character’s demonic heritage manifesting in puberty as the ability to spew noxious, sulfuric clouds fom her mouth that choked and burnt the lungs of those upon whom she unleashed this brimstone gout.