Villain Mastermind npc new game

Hi, I’m prepping for a Blades in the Dark game. After doing character creation a week ago the players talked about starting the game as sorta whitehat thieves. They “appraise” the security for a client. In this case the client is going to be a npc I generated for the Charterhall University that wants to make sure a new exhibit is secure. I plan on complicating the “appraisal” by having the Wraiths actively heisting the exhibit when they arrive, but I want a character that is pulling the strings that placed my PCs and the Wraiths there at the same time.
My question, is there a good Darth Sidious-esk, I win if you win I win if you lose, villain I can use? I looked at Lord Scurlock, but after reading into them I didn’t feel that was exactly their schtick. I also saw the Unseen but the Tower of the Unseen doesn’t sound poetic enough.
I’m fine with modifying some npcs for my story but if anyone knows something I missed I’d love to have it.

The broad, flexible sketches of existing NPCs and the lack of deeply entrenched Doskvol canon is one of the greatest things about BitD for a GM. You’ve got the freedom to create almost anything, including your very own Moriarty.
Any rogue member of the Unseen or the City Council could have great wealth, deep faction connections, and access to a wide range of Tier IV or Tier V cohorts to carry out their plans. Give them a suitably nefarious name and turn them loose in your version of the Dusk. Your players will tell stories about them (and you) for years.