Void Sea Star Constellations

Does anyone created or used star constellations within the Void Sea? Anyone willing to share? Looking to put them into the layout of the bay for my 3D printed table of Duskvol.


In the book of Doskvol fiction I’m writing right now, there’s a constellation called “The Fracture” that aligns about once every ten years that figures into the plot in a significant way.

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Would you be willing to share that lore for me to use or provide the significant constellations so I can incorporate them into the table?

3d printed table?? of Doskvol???

I haven’t used any yet but I dig this idea. I’ll start with the Angler’s Hook. It lies to the southwest, seemingly a little closer to the surface than the other lights in that part of the sea. Some say it leads to a rocky island stuffed full of precious gems and void artifacts. But more often it lures sailors to an early grave…


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Yep! Made a post about it a while back and getting the programming planning done now. I’ll keep everyone posted with my progress.

Oh that is a good one! Love it and will add it into the design…have any more? you can’t tease me too much

Here’s a couple:

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What program did either of you use for these?

I used Illustrator for mine.

I’ll give it a shot. Have a concept for the Weeping Lady I want to use

I’m waaaaaay late to this but I used GIMP.

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